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What you get

Home/Splash Sceen
Horizontal & Portrait Backgrounds
App Header Image
Active & Inactive Loyalty Points

All files optimized for web

In each design pack is a complete help pdf file explaining step by step how to incorporate each file in your app.

By giving me access to your app’s back-end I will apply various design styles & tricks to give your app an eye catching design and gives the user a more eye-pleasing experience. All this done within the color-scheme and theme of your app.

Depending on the size of your app and quantity of features included it could take from two (2) working days up to about five (5) working days.

First of all I need access to the app’s back-end. From the design tab to the application tab. I will create icons, backgrouds, Splash Screen, Home Screen and all other relevant images related to your app theme. You can supply color scheme, company logo and a company website, if any, to draw inspiration from as well as the necessary backgrounf info relating to the company.

Depending on the amount of features showcased as well as the type of trasition between scenes and amount of text a video van range from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

As with any design job, as much info as possible gives me a better feel and understanding of the app in question. Together with this a list of features you would like to showcase ranging from “must have features” to “would be nice to include”. The any supporting material for each feature, screenshots, short video and text to support it all.

As soon as order is received I will email you asing for all detail and support files. Once I have received averthing it takes about two working days to complete, depending on other work load.

I can work my magic to supply all kinds of marketing material, logo design, branding, etc. The most popular items is social marketing posts for app advertising. I also can supply material, excluding write-ups, to promote you app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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