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Build customer self-service helpdesk in minutes


Knowledge base WordPress plugin helps you build customer self-service helpdesk in minutes. Create a resource of helpful articles and answer popular customer questions. Our customers use knowledge base as customer support centers, extensive FAQs, products or service documentation, internal company documentation, wiki and much more.


Drag & Drop Knowledge Base Posts and Categories Reorder Easily reorder knowledge base posts and categories.

Customs Slugs Set custom knowledge base article and category slugs.

Breadcrumbs Display breadcrumbs on category and single pages.

Live Search

  • Placeholder Set search field placeholder.
  • Hide Button Option to hide search submit button.
  • Placement Select where you want search displayed (main page, category page, single page).
  • Disable Live Search Option to disable live search results.

Main Knowledge Base Page

  • Columns Display categories in 2, 3, or 4 columns.
  • Category Style Display knowledge base categories as boxes or lists.
  • Sidebar Display horizontal sidebar.
  • Page Content Display additional content on the main page.
  • Reorder Layout Drag & drop order search, knowledge base content, page content and sidebar on the page.
  • Category Count Display article count in category link.
  • View All Link Display “View All” link for each knowledge base category.
  • View All Count Display knowledge base article count in “View All” link.
  • Category Icons Display knowledge base category icons and set a unique icon for each category, chose from 200 icons.
  • Category Font Size Set category title font size.

Single Page

  • Meta Display / hide article updated date, category and tags meta info.
  • Comments Enable comments on the single page. This feature requires theme support!.


  • Public or Member Only Voting Easily set who can post a vote on your site from the plugin´s settings page.
  • Disable Dislike Button
  • Set Vote Icons Set like and dislike icons.
  • Reset Votes for a single knowledge base article or all articles.


  • Articles Display list of articles, order by date, title and filter by tag or category.
  • Categories Display list of knowledge base categories

Article List Shortcode Display list of articles, order by date, title and filter by tag or category. Easy to use shortcode generator.

Set Category Link Color

Set Article Link Color

Responsive Design Fully responsive design and optimized for small screen device such as iPhone, iPad.

Documented All our product come bundled with step by step documentation covering installation and setup.

Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.

Set Link Color Using Color Picker

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