Logo design trends for 2023

The post-pandemic world has not been as we had hoped, with ongoing struggles such as the climate crisis, conflicts, and economic difficulties. As a result, many people have started to turn towards individualism, anti-establishment politics, and spirituality. In this context, many people are seeking escapism, and this is reflected in the logo design trends for 2022 and 2023, with the creative industry responding to this need.

You may notice that some of the logo design trends for this year include references to science fiction and nostalgia. This is because after going through the pandemic, people are viewing the world through a optimistic lens and are looking for a sense of utopia. Designers are blending nostalgia with innovation, drawing inspiration from the past to shape the future, which is promising to be positive.

1. Throwback liquid mercury fonts

Check out these logos. They’re melty, they’re shiny, they’re oozy and they feel fresh, yet kind of familiar:

T-shirt design by Retrofume

Design by Kate Key via Behance

If you’ve seen the liquid mercury typography trend and thought it looked familiar, you’re not alone. Many people have noted that this style of font feels reminiscent of the year 2000. This is likely because this style of font was popular during that time and even if you haven’t seen the imagery of melting mercury, you might still recognize it from that era.

The liquid mercury typography trend is inspired by the appearance of the element mercury when it is in its liquid state. At room temperature, mercury is a liquid and is denser than water and other liquids. It moves slowly and tends to spread out in a viscous, organic way, instead of flowing. This font style characterized by uneven weight, rounded corners and organic shapes, mimics the appearance of mercury that has melted.

Design by HG80 via Behance

The liquid mercury typography font has a modern aesthetic, lacking traditional serifs and symmetry. It has a casual and unstructured appearance, with a metallic shine that gives it an otherworldly feel. Even though it may evoke nostalgia with its throwback style, the use of depth, texture, and unique letter formation gives it a fresh and updated energy. This melting mercury trend is lively, exciting and has a sense of freedom.

Design by AIS design via Behance

2. Playful line doodles

Sometimes, escapism is not about envisioning a futuristic world, but rather about finding the positive aspects in one’s current surroundings. This is the essence of this trend.

Logo design by Replika

Logo design by solvi_designs

In 2022 and 2023, designers are bringing casual humor and wit to their work, creating playful line drawings to lift spirits. The simplistic style feels reminiscent of the doodles you drew as a schoolkid in your science book, blending together a sense of mischief and innocence. When you think about all the crises looming over the world at present, it’s no wonder designers are wistfully looking backward to fuel their creativity.

Logos right now are funny and positive—I’m sure it was caused by the pandemic.

solvi_designs, designer at 99designs by Vista,
According to solvi_designs, a designer at 99designs by Vista, the current trend in logos is for them to be humorous and optimistic. This is likely a result of the pandemic and its effects on people, as companies and designers try to provide a sense of positivity in these difficult times.

Logo and brand identity pack by Birdmetry Studio

Logo design by milomilo

3. Retro red liners

In 2023, we may see an increase in the use of the color red in monochrome logo designs, rather than the traditional use of black. This trend is particularly pronounced in logos that feature characters or mascots. Red commands attention, and it symbolizes heightened emotions and luck. Thus, designers are using red to give emphasis on the brand’s personality that they’re creating for.

Logo design by Amos994

You will see that many logo designs are drawing inspiration from comic strips. This can be seen in the use of 2D line drawings, exaggerated expressions, line grids, and speech bubbles in the examples. Designers are trying to find positivity in an increasingly stressful world. By referencing a style of illustration that many people associate with childhood, these designers are encouraging audiences to take a moment of levity and enjoy the nostalgia of those memories.

Logo design by Unigram

Logo design by AnaMaria.Design

When examining these cartoon-style characters, it becomes clear why the color red is so effective in these designs. It adds joy, playfulness and charisma to the characters it is applied to, allowing the audience to feel these emotions as well.

Logo design by Anastasia S.

Logo design by renaissancexiv

4. Twists on traditional designs

n 2023, the theme of coping with reality is prevalent in design. As we adapted to the “new normal” in 2022, designers were innovating by incorporating traditional cultural imagery into modern logo designs. This reflects the need to draw on past experiences and traditions as we navigate the present.

Logo design by Unfollow! Dsgn

This can be seen through the combination of vintage sticker aesthetic with modern pastel hues and abstract patterns. Also, in the use of singular shapes or symbols, derived from traditional or cultural imagery and set in a minimalistic background.

Logo design by Reem Hosn

Logo design by Ham-Egg

Logo design by Henning Bo

Logo design by cakamura

5. Distorted geometry

Geometric shapes have been commonly used in logo design due to their smooth, precise, and calculated appearance, which creates a sharp contrast to the organic shapes found in nature. However, in 2023, designers will challenge these mathematical rules and regularity by experimenting with more fluid and dynamic forms of geometric shapes.

Logo design by Sevarika

Logo design by -Alya-

Designers are breaking away from the traditional and subdued nature of geometric shapes by twisting, breaking, and manipulating them to create dynamic and unexpected forms. They are rejecting the predictability of traditional geometry and embracing a spirit of rebellion by consciously challenging design norms.

Logo design by Chris Kay

Logo design by t o p s c o r

This trend features logos with jagged edges, missing pieces, and sharp angles. These designs, whether presented in chrome or neon, are bold, striking and capture the audience’s attention with their defiance to traditional design.

Logo design by Arthean

Logo design by S2Design

Logo design by fi2 Design

6. Loosely interpretive lettermarks

The loosely interpretive lettermarks trend in logo design is challenging industry standards by embracing abstract and conceptual designs, rather than simple, easily recognizable shapes or letters. Similar to the distorted geometry trend, this trend is pushing boundaries in logo design for 2023.

Logo by JDI Brokers (multiple owners) via Behance

Geometric shapes and white space are used by designers to create an optical illusion and add a playful, interactive element to their designs. Viewers are first drawn to the abstract pattern and then discover the represented letters, creating a mind game that adds depth to the design.

Logo design by artsigma

Logo design by Arthean

According to a designer at 99designs by Vista, “Type manipulation is a clever and useful trend for creating a unique and minimal aesthetic. However, as the market becomes more saturated, there will be an increase in the use of obvious distortions in typesets to create more recognizable logos or brand marks.

Type manipulation has always been a clever and useful trend to create a unique look for a minimal aesthetic.

Terry Bogard, designer at 99designs by Vista

Logo design by Terry Bogard

This logo design trend is a broad category that encourages deeper examination and understanding, as the meanings and concepts are not immediately obvious. These designs challenge viewers to look beyond surface-level understanding, much like how we approach understanding the world and humanity.

7. Mysticism and mythology

Younger generations, particularly Gen Z, are challenging traditional norms by embracing alternative and New Age spirituality. This includes practices such as astrology, crystals, tarot cards, as well as embracing pagan and nature-based religions. This represents a way for them to find meaning and connection in a world that often feels disconnected.

Logo design by Archangelo

Logo design by Bojana

“Align your chakras and charge up your crystals, mystic and ethereal logos have always existed, but this year you can see them being polished up and brought to the mainstream.”

– Justin Hamra, Art Director at 99designs by Vista

Many young adults are currently experiencing a sense of uncertainty and lack of control over their future due to economic instability, geopolitical conflicts and perceived lack of action on climate change by world leaders. This discomfort with the present and a desire for a higher power is reflected in the logo design trends of 2022 and 2023.

Logo design by Inky Jar

Logo design by Tanya Keiko

Logo design by Moxie Mason

Logo design by Arthean

Logo design by t o p s c o r

A driving force behind this movement in logo design is the idea of “taking back power.” Designers are expressing this concept by incorporating elements from practices such as astrology, tarot, crystals and mysticism, like images of planets, eyes, astrological symbols, and nature-inspired motifs into their logos.

8. Submerged in sci-fi

What was once only imagined in science fiction is now a reality in today’s world. Advancements in technology have brought about fully digital worlds and space exploration, but these concepts are not yet commonplace and can create a stark contrast to the current challenges we face. This can result in a dystopian feel, inspiring designers to incorporate cold shades of gray, dull browns, impactful fonts, and metallics in their designs.

Logo design by Akira X3

Space exploration is a popular theme in science fiction. It’s also been prominent in the news lately, following the confirmed UFO sightings in 2021 and the crystal clear space images coming from the James Webb telescope. You’ll see this popularity reflected in this trend and its emphasis on space exploration as another avenue for escapism, with humans having only explored a tiny fraction of the universe thus far.

9. Modern art deco

Art Deco, which originated in 1910, is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. As with any revival, designers are modernizing the style by incorporating contemporary elements. An example of this can be seen in the glitch-inspired font used in this art deco-inspired wordmark design.

Image via Silver Stag Co via Instagram

The use of glitch effects in an art deco design creates a modern twist on a historic style, as during the original art deco era, there was no concept of digital glitches. This technique creates a contrast between the 20th and 21st century, reminding us that anything can be re-imagined and re-invented. It combines elements of the past with the uncertainty of the future.

Image via Silver Stag Co via Instagram

Logo design by ananana14

Image via Silver Stag Co via Instagram

Logo design by Iris Design

Designers are not only incorporating glitch effects in art deco designs but also experimenting with traditional minimalist font styles to modernize and revitalize the art deco movement for current context. Instead of simple, unassuming minimalist fonts, we see designers playing with the characteristics of the letters such as weight, thickness, and stems, in these art deco-inspired wordmark logos.

Logo design by Dori

10. Molecule-inspired abstract patterning

In this logo design trend, we see an increase in sci-fi inspired imagery. However, unlike the “submerged in sci-fi” trend, this trend is not focused on fantasy, but rather celebrating the reality of science.

Designers are interpreting science as imagery in various ways. Many logos incorporate DNA helices, which also brings another theme to this trend’s story. DNA is the foundation for all life, and by overtly depicting them or implying them through blobby circles and linked dots, designers express the sense of connection and belonging we feel with each other.

As Justin Hamra, Art Director at 99designs by Vista, explains, “molecule-inspired abstract patterning presents one of the purest forms of logo design. It bridges the gap between classic iconography and simplistic logo marks in a fluid and abstract way.”

Logo design by Ian Douglas

Molecule-inspired abstract patterning bridges the gap between classic iconography and simplistic logo marks in a fluid and abstract way.

– Justin Hamra, Art Director at 99designs by Vista
In today’s contradictory and constantly changing cultural landscape, scientific progress remains constant. Many logos in this trend use science-inspired imagery to convey the message that even in difficult times, scientific advancement is a path towards recovery and progress. It offers a sense of optimism and hope in the most reliable and well-researched format.

Logo design by -Alya-

Logo design by t o p s c o r

Logo design by goldenapple


In Conclusion, Get ready for logos without limits in 2023.

Every year, new logo design trends emerge, and 2023 will be no exception. However, what sets 2023 apart is the underlying forces driving these trends, which include innovation, a desire for freedom, simplicity and escapism. As you consider your own environment, think about how you can cultivate freedom through innovation and authenticity. Consider how you could translate that into a logo.

Source 99Designs