Paid Memberships Pro

The most complete member management and subscriptions plugin for WordPress

Add a new revenue source to your WordPress-powered website with PMPro’s comprehensive features.

Paid Memberships Pro gives you all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your membership site.

Content Restrictions

Restrict Default Content

Secure your pages, posts, blocks, and categories. You can show an excerpt, “sneak peak” or other partial content for non-members or choose to completely hide restricted content. Set a custom message to show to users or visitors when they attempt to access protected content.

Restrict Custom Post Types

Secure various additional content (forums, products, events, courses, videos, downloads and any CPT).

Restrict Single Pages

Allow members to purchase individual content, sell one-time access, or allow a single category purchase for a flat price.

Content Dripping

Allow members to drip feed access to a series of content according to a schedule based on their membership level start date.

Personalized Content

Offer each member a unique page for direct communication. Design custom member homepages by level and adjust navigation menus to highlight important links for each membership level.

Create Directories and Profiles

Allow users to browse and search public or members-only directories for a robust community or listings site.

Use with WordPressMultisite

Sell sites on the network or secure content across your network with a single user login.

Membership Management

Unlimited Levels

Create a complete membership offering with unique pricing and content access for each level. Members can hold one or more member levels at a time.

Multi-tiered Membership

Offer individual or organizational memberships with child accounts linked to a paying parent account.

Members List View

View a report of all members and filter or sort by level, start date, expiration, and more.

Collect User Fields by Membership Level

Capture custom profile information by membership level for public or admin-only display. Fields are stored as WordPress user meta.

Member Email Communications

Customize the content and design of every message sent to members, including membership confirmation, payment invoices, and expiration notices.

Sync Member Roles and Levels

Link a membership level to a core WordPress role or create a new role and define custom capabilities based on your membership features.

Offline Communities

Set up a membership site to accept applications and process dues for an offline community, like a networking group, homeowners association, or other local organization.

E-Commerce, Payment Options, and Invoicing

Flexible Membership Pricing

Configure levels with Free, One-time Payment, or Recurring Subscription (Annual, Monthly, Weekly, Daily) pricing.

Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

Process recurring payments and create an order for each successful payment made. Failed payments will retry and cancel according to your settings and membership status.

Payment Gateways

Integrate with Stripe, PayPal,, Braintree, 2Checkout, or offline payments (check). Or, use WooCommerce to purchase a level as a product.

Multiple Payment Methods

Allow members to choose their payment method, whether it be a secure payment by credit card, offsite payment with PayPal or payment by check or bank transfer (manual).

Trial Periods

Offer free or reduced price trial periods. Require a payment method for free trial that automatically converts to a paid membership after a specific timeframe, or offer a trial period that differs from your recurring billing period.

Customize Renewal Dates

Offer rolling membership or force all memberships to renew on a specific day of the month or year.

Order Management

View all orders for new and recurring payments. Filter orders by status, date, membership level, discount code and more.

Variable Pricing and Donations

Allow members to set their own price for membership or make a one-time or recurring donation.

Discount Codes

Offer discounts on membership, run a timed sitewide sale, share goal progress bars, and track the success of your membership promotions.

Proration and Pausing

Proration scripts allow you to offer standard proration rules or leverage extensive filter hooks to write your own custom proration rules. This guide on pausing memberships explores options depending on your pausing requirements.

Admin Reports

Sales & Revenue

Know exactly how well your membership site is doing with up to date sales and revenue reports. Filter the Sales or Revenue report by membership level and time period (day, month, and year), and compare data to the “average” trendline for the filtered view.

Signups and Cancellations

View membership signups, expirations, and cancellations by day, month, or year. Compare signups to cancellations or expirations.

Member Visits, Views, and Logins

Explore overall site traffic and dive into specific statistics per member. We also offer custom methods to track user activity by membership level in Google Analytics.

Member Value Report

A report that highlights your most loyal members by the total revenue they have spent with your membership.


Administration Tools

Add Members Manually

Manually create users and update their membership level, expiration date, and subscription details as the site administrator.

Import and Export Members

Perform an initial import of your complete member database and maintain your data as a single point of truth. Membership information can be exported to use in spreadsheets, custom reports, CRM tools, for periodic mailings, and more.

Require Approval for Membership

Restrict membership level signup and require an admin to approve a member. Levels can require an application and charge a fee, or offer a free application to unlock the premium (paid) access.

Membership Manager Role

Give a user specific access to manage the “Memberships” area of your WordPress dashboard without giving them the full capabilities of the administrator role. You can adjust which specific admin areas of PMPro the user can access.

Seamless Member Experience

Frontend Login and Password Reset

Give members a seamless user experience to login or reset their password via a frontend page on your site. You can block access to the WordPress dashboard and hide the Toolbar based on member role.

Frontend User Profiles

Allow users to manage their own profile information, including default fields, their account password, and update any custom fields you have added for their level.

Membership Account Dashboard

Members can view their active membership, past invoices, update their subscription payment method, change levels, or cancel their account.

Member Directory & Profile Pages

Create a public or members-only directory and individual profile pages for each member. Your directory or profile page can be customized with your desired user fields and additional content such as an image, download, or embedded video.

Limit Post Views

Restrict the number of protected pages a non-member or lower tier member can access until they hit a paywall.

Advanced Levels Page

Enhance the appearance of your pricing page with columns, images, custom content, or a comparison table of features. You can also use your favorite pricing table plugin or a page builder to design your levels page.

Popular Site Enhancements

Extend the core functionality of Paid Memberships Pro to fit your unique needs.


Manage Affiliates with an Add On or with popular third-party systems like AffiliateWP.

Page Builders and Blocks

Design your site using popular Page Builders like Elementor, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Divi. We offer 15 core membership blocks for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg).

Use Any Theme

Pages are designed to blend seamlessly with your chosen WordPress theme or use our free Memberlite theme for an even tighter experience.

Sales Landing Pages

Design a single landing page with payment fields for lead generation and long-form sales copy.

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